If you have a pair of Jeans, you can solve almost all your dressing issues. It is an evergreen bottom wear that goes well with everything and for every occasion. Denim gives you an edge over other clothing as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. They make you look smart by just pairing them with the correct top wear.

Denim jeans are a great option for winter too. They keep you warm throughout the day with style. The jeans are a terrific choice for winter if you want to achieve a trendy look.

The comfort and coziness of jeans can make a good start to your winter. So, if winters are at your doorstep, jump in and get your favorite pair of jeans only from Saint jones. Saint Jones is the ultimate online shopping destination for all men’s clothing and has the finest collection of denim jeans for men.

Here is a guide curated just for you to style your jeans this winter in five different on-trend styles -

VARSITY JACKETS - With loose and comfortable Varsity Jackets you can get an unmatched winter look that is not only stylish but comfortable and warm too. They go well with any kind of denim bottom wear or say jeans as they are worn loose, giving you a sporty appearance. 

Blue denim is a perfect match for Varsity Jackets in colors such as white, black, red, and similar other colors. Navy and light blue jeans look great with a navy blue varsity jacket, white denim jeans go well with yellow or some bright-colored jackets, and likewise. 

You can accessorize the look as well by wearing it with sporty sneakers and caps. 

FLANNEL SHIRTS - Well, there’s no comparison when it comes to Flannel Shirts, as winters are made for these beautiful and stylish pieces of clothing. These are maximalist pieces and give your look a statement. Though being casual clothing, Flannel Shirts are a suitable options for semi-formal winter events too.

Talking about Flannel Shirts, you can pair your denim bottoms with checkered ones to complete your winter attire. These shirts never go out of fashion and remain a constant winter choice for going out. So, why wait for buying a new pair of denim jeans, get it today from saint Jones and avail 10% off. You can pair your blue denim with any checkered-flannel shirts from the store.

These pure cotton Flannel Shirts are made from woven woollen fabric which helps you keep warm and cozy in heavy winters too. 

One of the most significant factors of wearing Flannel Shirts with jeans is that it is helpful in layering as in winter one has to wear layers of warmers and woolens to keep oneself warm and cozy. 

SHACKETS - Shackets are some new styles of winter clothing and match well with Denim jeans and other denim bottom wear. The winter essential give you a subtle look and comfort when paired with casual denim jeans. You can layer your clothes and complete them with an open-buttoned Shackets. With sweaters beneath the shackets, you can achieve a style that can be formal and casual at the same time. 

The best way to complete your denim-Shacket look is by wearing it with stylish and classy Slip-ons and minimal silver pieces of jewelry. 

At the same time, jeans when worn with shackets under white pullovers give a different stylish and minimal vibe. Shackets and jeans are a great combination for any casual occasion and go-to winter clothing. 

DENIM SHIRTS AND CORDUROY SHIRTS - In recent years, denim jeans are majorly worn with Denim Shirts and are a must-have wardrobe staple. Denim shirts are modern-looking evergreen shirts that are made from thick fabric which can keep you warm and looks great with denim jeans. For winters the pairing works well in providing you with a statement look for all casual occasions. Accessorize and complete the look with minimal jewelry, boots, and statement belts. 

CORDUROY SHIRTS, there’s simply no comparison to the looks that denim jeans and corduroy shirts provide. The tough and sturdy look makes you appear more manly and elegant with style and the combination is a great choice for making an impact on whichever event you go to. 

Match the look with thick silver chains and silver chained bracelets along with dull colored sporty looking shoes. 

DENIM JACKETS - Nothing can be more suitable than denim jeans to go with denim jackets. The timeless match has been a part of men's clothing since the start of modern times and is a favored winter wear by a majority of men. Denim jeans with denim jackets of any color look very smart and sharp. 

If you already have a denim jacket, buy similar denim jeans from Saint Jones and get up to 15 percent off on your purchase. 

Do not wear different-colored denim jeans with any other colored jacket as it will not look decent and will make you look odd. With black denim jeans only wear a black denim jacket and the same with gray and blue. 

Well, there are hundreds of different styles and methods to dress in your favorite denim jeans this winter, and here is just a glimpse of the same. Buy stylish denim jeans for men from Saint jones in all categories whether you want a slim fit one or carpenters. The store has a collection of all sizes. So, grab your pair now.