The sporty-athletic look of varsity jackets make them extra unique and evergreen without much hassle. But when it comes to matching bottom wears to your varsity look, it may require a huge amount of time.  You can just match and pair any bottom wear with varsity. To maintain a casual, cool and athletic look, selection of perfect bottom wear is important.

Varsity jackets have come a long way from being a sole sports wear to casual daily wear. They were previously worn as a part of sports clothing for teams that played basketballs and outdoor games in universities, but today they form a major part of both men’s and women’s clothing when it comes to casual clothes.

Saint Jones, which is one of the best online shopping stores for all men’s clothing, has a finest and premium collection of varsity Jackets of all kinds and in a variety of colors. Here, in this segment, we will give you an idea along with tips to pair suitable bottom wear with different types of varsity jackets.

Talking about bottom wear, there are two broad categories - Casual and Formal. Though varsity jackets are not formal, they go well with most formal bottom wears.

The first and the most important bottom wear for Varsity Jackets are Denims. Denim jeans of any color goes well with the sporty look of varsity jackets. They provide an extra casualness and ample cool to your attire. And when you accessorize it with sneakers or canvas shoes or even running shoes, the vibe is just unmatched. Most varsity looks you will see around are often with denims. Whether the denim is faded, medium or dark, all looks great with any kind of varsity.

Varsity jackets and loose fitted cargo pants also tops the list. The pair is comfortable and provides a sporty-casual look. The pockets of the cargos creates a boxy look too. Whether you are attending a casual event or a night party at a friend's place, the look fits perfectly well for all. Experiment with different fits of cargos to see what looks fab and vibes on the very occasion.

Checkered pants - Plain, less printed Varsities looks great with formal style checkered pants and gives an edgy look. The outfit can be accessorized with white sneakers or slip ons or even formal shoes.

Chinos with varsity Jackets - if you are going for an unofficial meet with your office colleagues, then chino and varsity will aid you well for the event. Make sure it must not be very formal to go with the meet.

Varsity Jacket and Joggers - this is the most comfortable mix of all times, warmth and coziness of joggers and varsity jackets is great for your holidays and evening walks. If you want to look fashionable and comfort is your go to thing, then do try the pairing and tell us.

Varsity Jackets and shorts, if you are going out for a game or just a run, you can pair the varsity jacket with either cargo shorts or denim shorts to appear sporty and relaxed. The pairing is great for games like basketball, football and any outside sport.

If you are at home and are likely to spend your whole day on your couch, then you can go for a lower and varsity jacket to chill out and watch movies and series. For that the store has a perfect varsity which is the Lazy Fox Varsity Jacket in three different colors.

With a mission to impact the wardrobe of all men out there who want to be in style and love fashion, Saint Jones has a variety of Varsity jackets and ample bottom wear for you to choose your own. The collection includes - Checkered varsity jacket in green and wine color, Lazy fox maroon, blue and purple varsity jacket, vintage lazy fox X Saint Jones Varsity Jacket.

The bottom wear collection includes - Cargos, jeans, joggers, Shorts, Chinos and Lower. All clothing mentioned has been crafted from the best of fabrics which are of premium quality and designed under the supervision of designers and professionals. These are available in all sizes and fits, so that you don't have to waste your time in alterations and modifications.

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