Whatever you wear, Lowers will be your go to bottoms when it comes to comfort. Imagine, You are at a gathering and you want to dress casual but also comfortable, in that situation lower is what fits the occasion aptly. Lowers can be comfortable on such occasions and can be a bane to your outfit. These are not new and has been a part of men’s clothing since ages.

The year 2023 has started and a lot of you must be thinking of adding some basic essential clothing to your wardrobe as the whole year awaits. You may have plans and occasions where you will need a comfortable bottom wear that looks good and premium as well. Men’s bottomwear is an essential aspect of men’s clothing and fashion.

Before buying a lower you may be wondering what if you end up buying a bad one, or one that fits you well but the material is not breathable? What if you can find the correct fit or what if you want some customizations to your lower. Well, Saint Jones - the best online store for all types of men’s clothing is at your rescue.

So, if you're planning to buy a lower which is chic and stylish at the same time, then Saint Jones is the right place as the best lower collection of 2023 is here. Premium corduroy straight fit lowers from saint jones is what you need for the desired comfort and fit. You can find this assortment of colours which includes -  Black, brown, dark green and dark brown.

The lowers from Saint Jones are different from other lowers as they provide a formal and a decent look and goes well with any casual top wear. These lowers can also be worn in winter as they are made up of thick corduroy material which does not let the cold air enter the fabric. These incredibly elegant pants are crafted from superior cotton fabric, creating them incredibly soft and breathable. They are designed for optimal comfort. They have a 2-way stretch and 3 pockets for all-day hustling.

Designers at the store keep a keen eye on the current trends for lowers and implement the modern designs with their craftsmanship.

People nowadays are shifting to comfortable clothing as they help you keep relaxed and easy throughout the day and the Covid-19 era has made us habitual of sitting in those cosy, comfy pyjamas, sitting on the chairs and peeping in those rectangles. This is the era of comfort and the genZ is fond of it. Though millennials have different tastes but when it comes to comfort, both end up to something like this which is the straight fit. They can be paired with t-shirts, printed shirts, jackets, hoodies, flannels and varsities as well.

These lowers are premium made and can be customised according to your demands and fittings. You can also find them in all sizes and all lengths. The price range is what surprises you more when you get a premium product at such a reasonable rate. These men’s lower work wonders for your appearance and gives a boost to your outfit.

Pro tip - Hoodies and Lowers are a perfect and best combo and a proper example of comfortable clothing.

Men’s clothing is always something that has been in discussion and what men prefer must be left on the very individual to choose and go by with.  Comfort is highly focused for men as compared to that of women. And, Saint Jones aims at providing a solution to this question of menswear who struggle to choose and make the process easier for them by creating a wide range of options. Buy your lower from the store now and get up to 10% off on your purchase. If you want to match a topwear from the store then you will get a flat 15%  off on the purchase of two products by using code SAINTJONES15.