The history of Cargos dates back to the 30s and 40s when it was worn as a battle dress by the armed forces mainly in Britain when world wars were taking place. It was then further worn as a hunting dress by the upper-class people. The cargo pants are famous for their big pockets which denote that these pockets are used to keep bulky items such as bullets, maps, tools, etc. But as time passes by, bottom wear made its place in daily wear clothing as people find it more practical and by the late 90s, it became very prevalent making it to the fashion industry rather than a military essential.

Buying cargo can be tough, and finding the right fit is even more time-consuming. But at Saint Jones, all your worries are taken care of because it has a subtle collection of cargos just for you. Available in all sizes and colors the cargo pants at saint jones for men are made from the finest quality fabric and are super comfortable and stylish.  

You can find the perfect cargos for all events and look at Saint Jones. The Store’s collection of Cargos includes -

Men Slim Fit Cargo Pants Grey - Grey is an evergreen color for bottom wear and goes well with all top wear either t-shirts, denim shirts, or jackets. The slim-fit Cargo blends in perfectly and provides a tough, sturdy yet casual look for any informal occasion.

Men Slim Fit Cargo Pants Dark Green - Saint Jones's selection of cargo colors is worth paying for. The dark green cargo is a subtle choice for any occasion or event. You can pair it with black top wear like a closed-neck t-shirt or a denim shirt. It will also look great with a white t-shirt.

Men Slim Fit Cargo Pants Mustard Color - As stated the color range at Saint Jones is a surreal collection. The mustard cargo will let you expand your horizons and you can experiment with matching jackets, shirts, blazers, or even suits.

Size Adjustable Men Slim Fit Cargo Dark Green - Apart from simple slim-fit Cargo pants for men, Saint Jones offers Size adjustable along with slim-fit cargo for providing you a tough look with style. The piece and dark green color are an absolute choice to make it to functions and casual outings.

Size Adjustable Men Slim Fit Cargo Dark Grey - the same size adjustable cargo range comes in the shade of dark grey which can be worn at some formal events too if paired with a suitable formal shirt.

Size Adjustable Men Slim Fit Cargo Light Grey - Light grays are a wonderful choice to go out for any casual events and the saint Jones is a one stop solution for the amazing, super comfy, and stylish Slim Fit cargos. Pair them with a black, white, or military green t-shirt to get the best out of your look.

Size Adjustable Men Slim Fit Cargo Light Green - Green cargos are a mandatory color for your cargo collection and at Saint Jones, you can find the perfect size and fit for your wardrobe. So, buy now from the supreme collection and get a flat 10% off your first order. 

Size Adjustable Men Slim Fit Cargo Cream Color - Cream is a very versatile color as it can go with any top wear you prefer whether it's light or dark. The cream cargo pant for men at Saint Jones offers you a very stylish and elegant look. Find your perfect fit and pair it with any top wear only at Saint Jones and get a flat 15% off. 

While purchasing a cargo, one should always keep in mind the comfortability along with its look and how you can match it with clothing that already exists in your wardrobe to make it more minimal and appealing.