How cool it looks and feels when you wear your favorite hoodie. Well, hoodies do make you feel warm, cozy and stylish at the same time. There is this new trend that has evolved hoodies into something that is even cooler and stylish - Graphics, prints and Slogans. Slogan hoodies don't actually have slogans rather it has one liners to make it look more appealing and attractive and savage at the same time.

Before starting off, here‘s a brief description of what actually is a hoodie - A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood or an attached cap, generally made up of cotton, polyester, wool and other sweat absorbing materials. Some hoodies have zip and some have a pullover look. Hoodies go well for all casual occasions and events but are preferably worn at night.  They are more comfortable clothing rather than formal wear.

Hoodies today are more of a comfort clothing rather than a winter clothing as people can be seen wearing it in all weathers and of all materials. A lot of them even sleep in their hoodies as it provides ample comfort. It can be said it has become a wardrobe staple for everybody out there who is more into comfort than fashion. Though hoodies are very fashionable and sometimes can look very classy. It is a loungewear, sportswear and streetwear at the same time.

When we talk about hoodies, how can we not count the best store to buy the best of all hoodies. SAINT JONES - the best online store to buy all kinds of men’s clothing has a proper savage collection of graphic hoodies which is super comfortable and looks great when you wear it. Hoodies are a crucial part of a capsule wardrobe, which many people now favor due to their uniqueness and simplicity.

Here are some great tips to style your hoodie with -

Hoodie with Leather jacket - well, the leather jacket look is the most wanted of all and when it is complimented with a hoodie, then it goes very well for casual days and events. Layering with hoodies does make it look more stylish and creative. Pair the look with a suitable bottom wear like denim jeans and compliment the attire with a cap.

Hoodies with Joggers - Joggers and hoodies are a solid combo to spend your holidays in. Find the best of joggers and stylish lazy fox graphic printed hoodies from the Online store of Saint Jones and get up to 15% off on your first purchase.

Hoodies and Cargos - The Lazy fox hoodies from Saint Jones match so well with the loose fit Cargos from the store itself. With a light colored hoodie, go for a darker shade of Cargo to make the outfit more vibrant and beautiful.

Hoodies and Chinos - These premium graphic hoodies look great with Chinos when complimented with sleek sneakers or canvases, caps and loose watches. 

The lower-hoodie look - If you are looking for spending your days comfortably, then lowers are a superb

The Saint Jones’s hoodies are available in a variety of styles and colors that include subtle hues like Lilac, Pink, White and light gray and bright primary hues like black, maroon, Navy, Neon Green, red and orange. Not just colors but the one liner in the hoodies gives it a great genZ vibe.

You will find the best of affordability in terms of price and the premium quality that you may fall in love with and ditch all other clothing (at least for some time). The hoodies are designed primarily for winters if you want a hint of cool attire when it's chilly outside.

An interesting thing about Graphic hoodies is that they create and provide versatility. You might want to keep multiple hoodies and sweatshirts in your closet because they are so comfy and functional.

So, if you want your wardrobe to be full of clothes that match your vibe and style, then you must consider buying from the excellent collection of Graphic hoodies from Saint Jones. The store never upsets you and keeps up with the trendy and fashionable updates when it comes to daily wear. Buy excellent graphic hoodies from the store and get reasonable discounts on the original prices.