Winter parties can sometimes throw a dilemma about what one should wear if it is a casual one. Whether there are birthdays or get-togethers, gatherings or house-warmings, you need to create a proper attire to attend that very function.

Hoodies, Varsity or shackets whatever you choose, you must match and pair it well. Turtle necks are a subtle choice for all three to wear beneath them. All three options work well in any casual party you are going to. Parties can help you express you fashion choices and how you perceive a look and describe a alot about you.

First let's understand what are shackets, varsity and hoodies.

Starting with hoodies, we all are aware what a hoodie is. But we often get confused between a sweatshirt and a hoodie. A sweatshirt is a bit thinner and is worn casually. Hoodies are a bit more thicker to sweatshirts and can provide ample warmth in winters.  The English word "hood" or "hoodie" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "Hod," which meant "hat." Hoodies are a crucial part of a capsule wardrobe, which many people now favor due to their uniqueness and simplicity.

Shackets, these are a combination of shirts and jackets, worn especially in winter and made of woolen cotton fabric. The fusion clothing is a fabulous winter option for any casual occasion.  There exists a variety of Shackets such as - Plaid Shackets, Oversized Shackets, Flannel Shackets and more. They are worn in the weather when you need extra warmth and are a thicker version of Flannel shirts or button-downs but thinner than typical winter jackets. This is a comfortable outfit that is most definitely not appropriate for a formal occasion.

And the last - Varsity or Varsity Jackets, The "letterman jacket," which is what varsity jackets are truly called, has large letters of a sports team embroidered on its front and back to symbolize a team or the players. These are very cool and sporty and when worn with fashionable accessories, it can reflect a superb attire.

As mentioned above, whether it's Shackets, Hoodies or Varsity Jackets, all three can be worn at any casual party. The more important thing is the styling, rather than the choice. Well, Saint Jones has the best collection in all three categories.

Styling is not that hectic as it seems, you just need some ideas to create a master look for evening parties. Let's start with shackets -

Shackets are versatile, they themselves look superb with any bottom wear. You can style it in a variety of ways like wearing a fitting shirt, t-shirt or a men’s crop top with loose ones. Tight pants too work well for parties and casual events. Additionally, accessories such as, chain, sunglasses, statement belt or even a cap works great for a shacket look. Don’t add too much or a number of different accessories as it will kill the chic look, just one or maybe two will surely do the rest. You can also go with the baggy look with loose denim jeans and shacket with heavy looking sneakers. Shackets are subjected to layering as they are winter essentials and you can mix and try different clothes beneath it.

Hoodies too being a winter apparel does not need much effort. If you want to create an exceptional look with a hoodie, wear it under a leather, a long casual coat or denim jacket. In terms of bottom wear, denim, cargos, chinos are superb for parties and similar functions. Accessories can also be added to the look such as heavy watches, sunglasses or white sneakers (if the outfit has neutral colors). You can also create a mysterious look by going a one or two size bigger hoodie and denim jeans with it.

Lastly, about Varsity Jackets, an elegant look which you can try for parties can be a chino with varsity look with a touch of classical accessories like loose chain bracelets, watches, sporty looking shoes and more. The look can be layered with premium, subtle colored turtlenecks or something like a neutral colored pullover. Denim jeans, of course, are a win-win combination when it comes to Varsities as a party wear.

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