The most-awaited fashionable season is here and presents you a stage full of experiments and creativity to enjoy everyday clothing and create your favorite styles and looks. When we talk about winters how can we not mention the cozy winter woolen checkered shirts that people often wear on streets during the season. Those are called Flannel shirts or simply Flannels. Flannels are made from thick textured fabric of either wool or cotton and are warm but breathable and comforting. This is the best casual yet fashionable clothing one can have and that's why it's a wardrobe staple.

Though these are worn in summers, people prefer them for winters primarily. Flannels are a perfect street style look for any casual outing such as date, get-togethers, gatherings, casual parties and evenings.

Flannel shirts originated as a favorable clothing for the working class and farmers who can easily buy them as they came cheaper than normal shirts and provided ample warmth while working.

Flannels are an instant way to look stylish without much hassle and effort. It allows you to experiment with different clothings and looks. These shirts are usually worn untucked but sometimes the tucked look also hits up well. So, we, at Saint Jones offer you a variety of styles how you can dress yourself up with these excellent flannels from the store.

T-shirts under Flannels - A subtle-minimal way to make yourself look admirable and lightweight with flannels is by pairing it beneath with neutral colored t-shirts or even graphics tees. These are a prevalent look and you can find people wearing flannels this way. The layering works for almost all occasions and weather. You can buy authentic flannels and plain t-shirts both at the Saint Jones’s store and get up to 15% off on your purchase.

Flannels with Denims - talking about flannels and denims, a fabulous pairing for any street style look. Denims are evergreen and when matched with flannels, the combination looks speechless. The timeless piece is available in the store itself and you can choose the color of your denim according to your flannel’s colors. It is an ultimate grab for the winter look you always wanted to create with your style.

Flannels with Chinos - Chinos are a complimentary bottom wear to every clothing and styles you up in no time. The classical look of flannels and chinos are a part of the super addictive dressings of all time that makes a confident, bold statement of yours. You can accessorize this look with canvas shoes or sneakers and a belt of black or brown color. Buy chinos and flannels together, only at Saint Jones - the ultimate online shopping for all men’s wear.

Flannels with Cargos - Flannels and cargos are a perfect match and seem to be made for each other. Cargos which are loose fitted go greater than the fitted ones and they provide a cool look and with an unmatched style. The baggy look is just worth it for the season. Buy Cargos and flannels together from the store and get 15% off.

Flannel under Jackets - If your want to take a look to an extra mile, wear flannels under a bomber, leather, puffer or a simple jacket with the bottom wear say chinos or denims or any other of your choice. The cool, dark and edgy look is what people are going for nowadays. It is flexible and keeps you super warm if you go for this pairing in chilly times.

Blazers and Flannels - The combination goes far beyond a casual look and takes you to the doorsteps of your formal look. We know that blazers and coats are a formal piece of clothing and when you pair your flannel with blazers, this provides you a formal and classical look for your office even. But make sure that the blazer has no self-design or prints on it as it will kill the classy look. Keep it neutral and low key to enhance the appearance of flannel in the outfit. Bottom wears of colors like white, navy blue, gray and Khaki works well with the blazer/coat look.

If you are considering flannels for an outdoor event such as shooting, taking snaps or you are a person who loves exploring nature, then shorts are a suitable option for that. Wear a full sleeved t-shirt under your flannel and get on with your sneakers to go out.

An experimental everyday look - If you want to go beyond the basics you can try fitted hoodies underneath the flannel. A sporty yet creative look which you can take to any casual event and explore the horizons of winter dressing.

Though being a winter essential, the shirts are open to a variety of styles and matchings in your own ways. Style up and get dressed with the best of flannels only at Saint Jones.

An untuck flannel can make you look extra cool and evergreen, and Saint Jones has a beautiful selection of Flannel shirts to make you look stylish this season. The designers curate the best of design from the trend and bring it to your doorsteps. The winter look is a comfy way of expression and style, a subtle and minimal addition to your wardrobe, which is cozy,  classy, edgy and outgoing.

Find the right fit and size at the store along with other winter essentials and get discounts in one go.