For men, shirts are a basic article of apparel and a must for every wardrobe. Compared to other men's clothing, the offered shirts are unsurpassed in terms of style and elegance. Although plain shirts are typically thought of as men's formalwear, there is no idea how much room they give for experimentation and creating new looks with only a few plain shirts. 

Styling your attire gives you self-assurance and the impression that you are presentable to everyone you meet and everywhere you go. To style a simple shirt, you must first comprehend how colors function and how to select them for various situations and events. Always look at the fabric and weave pattern of a plain shirt before purchasing it because the fabric has a significant impact on styling. If the fabric is cotton, it is more formal wear than casual ones. If the fabric is a little flowing and shiny, it will appear good and more casual.

With the appropriate styling and the sophisticated assortment of Plain Shirts from Saint Jones, you can achieve the ideal look. The store contains the best essentials for your wardrobe, particularly for you. It's always a good idea to use soft and neutral hues like cream, off-white, light blue, mint, and similar colors.

Pairing plain shirts with casual blue types of denim create a stylish appearance. Any color plain shirt and a pair of blue jeans can be combined to create an ensemble that is appropriate for any casual occasion. Avoid undersetting your plain shirts because doing so with denim will make you look uncool.

Black chinos are a minimal bottom wear that complements practically all plain shirts. Plain shirt with them. To maximize your appearance, wear a black chino with a white, powder blue, light brown, or cream shirt.

Plain shirts in light colors worn with dark Cargo - For light-colored shirts, cargo is a go-to bottom option. They are a fantastic choice if you are planning an evening stroll, a casual get-together with friends, or other similar casual events.

Plain shirt over t-shirt - you can style a plain shirt over a t-shirt with open buttons, and formal pants or a chino as a bottom wear. This styling and outfit will give you a smart and fashionable look for any casual occasion. You can go with a graphic t-shirt under the plain shirt. Shorts also go well if you are going for a t-shirt and shirt look.

A plain white shirt with loose wide legged pants is a great option for a casual look. Compliment and accessorize the look with white sneakers and a bold chain watch.

As plain shirts are a major formal wear you can also create a stylish look for your formal events. Pair the colors with an understanding of how the palette works and what color goes with what in terms of formalness. Likewise, a light blue formal shirt will work with navy blue formal pants, a navy blue shirt will go with light brown pants and like. 

Further, you can take your styling to a new level where you can experiment with the overall same colored looks, such as a black look, all white, all brown, all blue, and similar ways. This will provide you with something that will be out of the box and make you more appealing and presentable at the same time.

All white adds a classical touch to the outfit and it can be taken to many formal places like offices, meetings, etc. similar to all-black or all-blue looks as they look minimal and elegant when paired with formal shoes.

Well, the shirts are open to different ways of styling and experimentation but you must know where to buy a plain shirt so that the fabric, weave patterns, and other material factors comply with the look you want to achieve and Saint Jones - the ultimate shopping destination for all menswear is a final place where you can find all kind of clothes mentioned above.

The store is a perfect clothing goal and has a selection of products that wins your heart in one go. Once you start shopping you will see how it makes an impact on your everyday style and look. Grab your plain shirt now and get up to 10% off on your order.