Fashion has the power to create a style that has an impact and has the ability to change how you look to others. For a better fashionable understanding, let's first know what chinos actually are?

Chinos are bottom wears that are very similar to what formal pants look like with a slight difference in its shape and structure. They are generally ankle length and made from cotton fabric and are more of a casual pant rather than a formal pant. The chinos are somewhat similar to jeans as well but differ in structure and fabric. These are lightweight, super comfortable and smart casual. 

Chinos are a comfort clothing and have provided men an area to experiment with everyday style to look more fashionable. They take the definition of formal pants to a very next level. You can wear chinos with any topwear and style it according to the occasion you are going to. This is one of the best bottom wear because it goes well on any event whether formal or informal. 

You can experiment and create your own style with chinos as it goes well with whatever you pair it with except some pieces of clothing. Saint Jones - the best online shopping store for men’s clothing, provides an assortment of Chino pants for men at reasonable prices. 

T-shirts with Chinos - T-shirts are a comfort cloth and chinos are too, and when both are paired, goes well for any casual occasion. If you have a plain chino and want to pair it with a t-shirt, you have a wide option in terms of that as striped and plain both types of t-shirts look fantastic with plain chinos. You can also match graphic tees with palin chinos to look more stylish and trendy. 

Do not pair bold colored chinos with bold colored t-shirts or printed chinos with printed top wear. 

Shirts with chinos - well, one of the best looks one can achieve are when shirts paired with chinos. The look is all that you need. Whether you have a plain, striped, checkered or printed shirt you can get an awesome look by matching them together. You can use chinos as formal pants and wear it with plain formal shirts. Shirts can also be worn over t-shirts and paired with chinos to look more stylish and vogue. 

Blazers with chinos - Chinos are a kind of semi-formal and with blazers, it makes your attire more appealing and formal. The blazer-chino look can work well in offices and formal events if worn in neutral colors and with formal shirts. You can experiment what you can wear beneath the blazer whether it will be a shirt or a t-shirt, both will look great together. 

Denim and corduroy Shirts with chinos - Denims and corduroys are clothing that can instantly make you look fashionable and stylish without much hassle, and with chinos they look super classy and subtle. You can decide according to the occasion whether you want to wear the shirts with its button opened or closed. T Shirts can also be matched with an open button look. Try different styles only at Saint Jones - The ultimate shopping destination for men’s clothing. 

Do not wear the same colored chino and shirt together as it will not look great and make you look noob. Always experiment with colors according to what suits you and goes well on you. 

Polo-t-shirts with chinos - To achieve a casual-sporty and dashing look, polos work great with chinos. The attire can work as semi-casuals and business casual. If you want to meet your client informally, this look is worth going for. Try pairing opposite colors to get that look and accessorize it with classy sunglasses and loafers of neutral shade. Buy polo shirts for men online, only at Saint jones. 

Cardigans and sweaters with chinos - It’s almost winter and you must want to add some new styles to your wardrobe, and what can be more exciting than the fact that chinos can be something that can give you a perfect winter look with style. Cardigans and geometric weaved sweaters when paired with chinos not only gives a classy look but also provides elegance to the attire. The look works great in all casual occasions and events. You can compliment the look by adding a Muffler to your neck when going out. 

These were a few suggestions and ways that you can try to complete your fashionable look and make your own style statement. And at Saint Jones you find a subtle collection of men’s wear which can be a backup for your everyday look. Try fashionable clothing from Saint Jones and get 10 to 15% off your purchases.