Jackets being an essential clothing can lift up your style and look in just one go. It can make you look super classy and fashionable instantly. The recognition of these stylish jackets enhanced as various college related shows and series came up, making it a staple for every men’s wardrobe.

Varsity jackets are a new and trendy form of clothing mainly depicting a sporty casual style that a person can go with for basic events. The varsity jackets are actually a “letterman jacket” which has big letters of a sports team sewn on its front and back, representing a team or the players. The origin of these jackets can be traced to the 1865s where it was first worn by the players of the baseball team at Harvard University as  sports sweater, since then the jackets have been worn by several sports teams and players to show their belonging and what they are good at. But today the jacket has made its place to the central fashion where it is more often worn on non-sports events and as a fashionable jacket. Anyone wishing to add to their collection of jackets will find it simple to acquire the varsity jacket because it is an article of apparel with a storied record and great looks.

Varsity jackets can be constructed of any fabric, including suede and jersey cotton. Modern designs of college jackets have a thinner cut rather than the large styles and unattractive fits that characterize previous styles.

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The store has three different types of stylish varsity jackets -

Checked Varsity Jacket -
The checkered varsities are an enrichment to the basic varsities. The street style is incomplete with this chic varsity. The jacket is a loose fit and designed for cold weather having a baseball collar and drop shoulders. The jacket is different from normal varsities as it has a zip closure rather than buttons. The material is favorable for winter and is 100% poly wool to provide you comfort and warmth at the same time. The stylish look is complemented by embroidered graphics on both front and back with two sided pockets and striped ribbed trims. 

Lazy Fox Purple Varsity Jacket -
Inspired from some authentic college series, the jacket is a perfect winter look for your daily look. The LAZY FOX varsity gives a solid premium look to your everyday style statement. The varsity-style chenille logo patch and striped ribbed trim at the cuffs and hem complement the fine woolen fabric's design. It is well constructed and seamlessly blends fashion and comfort.

Lazy Fox Maroon Varsity Jacket -
Maroon varsity jackets take your winter look to a very next level. They provide you an authentic sporty-casual look. The only difference between the above mentioned jacket and this jacket is theri color. The maroon varsity with white graphics look very premium and classy.

These three categories of varsities will make you look extremely stylish and give you a classy appearance. The store’s price range of these premium varsities are very affordable as compared to the material and overall design of the jackets.

You can style these jackets with any loose fit bottom wear such as loose denim jeans, cargos and joggers as loose fits look sturdy and stylish with them. Varsities are subjected to layering as they are basically a winter cloth, so a varsity is mainly worn loose to wear other clothing items such as pullover and warmers beneath them.

Being a sports-influenced apparel, varsity jackets are a new trend of modest clothing for winter and a contribution of American fashion and styling. If you're trying to find the perfect athleisure look, a varsity jacket might be something you want to have in your closet. The athletic wear or athleisure is rising in the fashion industry making it a mainstream casual wear today.

Varsity jackets from Saint Jones are more of a structural design and makes you appear casual and classy at the same time. Compared with other varsity jackets, the Saint Jones one is very affordable and can enhance your wardrobe’s collection. The varsity look can be accessorized with sporty bulky looking shoes or slip ons to complete the look.

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