Joggers are a definition of comfort and style; these are fun and a very trendy piece of clothing in the industry today. It is also the most comfortable bottom wear one can wear for daily activities and is a preferred active wear too.
Joggers are very chic and minimal clothing that goes with whatever upper wear you want to go with, except the formals. It's more of a lifestyle essential for people who are sporty and provides casualness in the overall style.
So, the first thing about joggers that eventually came to your mind is why joggers are called as at leisure?  Well, At leisure is a type of comfortable clothing that is casual and is designed to suit any occasion or activity you are doing such as exercising or carrying daily activities. Joggers fall into the similar category of active wear or say at leisure which you can wear anywhere excluding the formal events. The fit of these bottom wear essentials are generally loose to provide you the comfort and space to body without hindrance.
The reason why you must have these in your wardrobe -
    • Comfort at its peak - the real reason why joggers are included in casual clothing is the comfort that comes with it. A comfortable piece of clothing makes your day a less hectic task and allows you to focus more on other things unlike formal clothes that are quite less comfortable and makes you conscious every time.
    • Stylish and vogue - there’s no doubt that joggers don’t come with style as it is a part of sportswear and casual wear. Nowadays joggers are specially made to be a part of your daily wear clothing and give a proper modern look. Most importantly, joggers are trendy, so the answer already lies in the question: how can trendy clothes not be stylish?
    • Evergreen casual look - Being an active wear or say at leisure, joggers have been in the fashion industry since times, earlier athletes used to wear these and since then the joggers are a staple clothing for people who love comfort. Winter joggers can keep you warm all day and you can walk anywhere wearing them.
    • Perfect for all seasons - Joggers being a comfort clothing, sets for all seasons whether it's winter or summers, they come in either comfortable breathable fabrics that can be worn in summers or in woollen texture for winters.
    • Matches with most casual clothing - Currently joggers are available in a variety of styles and colours that goes well with almost all casual clothes. So, you don't have to think much while going in joggers for any casual event.
    • Sustainability - Nowadays, fashion is becoming sustainable and the need is widely felt amongst the casual clothing. Joggers are one of the most sustainable clothing that provides instant comfort and style and can be used for several occasions without much hassle. They can be paired with any t-shirt, shirts, tanks and bomber jackets.
The covid period and series of lockdowns made us wear and adopt a comfortable lifestyle and joggers filled in the slot completely, making their way to the men’s wardrobe staples.
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