The temperature is soaring in, Winters are here and the most comfortable winter clothing too. Hoodies have brought a revolution to the concept of comfort and winter clothing. Trendy and fashionable, hoodies are a must have for every person who loves style and comfort.

Hoodies are a go-to clothing for the millennials and the GenZ as well as the adults of all ages. They can provide ample heat and warmth in these shivering cold days and style too. Whether you are going for dinner with your friends, a family outing or an informal meet up, the best thing can be a hoodie for sure.

Initially hoodies were a part of loungewear but as the time moved forward and the notion of comfort clothing took the center stage, hoodies and sweatshirts became an essential part of casual dressing among both the genders.  Hoodies are an essential component of a capsule wardrobe which many people prefer these days because of its eccentricity and ease. Nudes and monochrome hoodies give a statement minimal look to matching bottoms. The origin of hoodies dates back to the 60s and the 70s and it became a commercially available clothing in the 90s and today stands as a versatile everyday classic. Though originally it has roots to the ancient world or say the European middle ages where the first hooded clothing was made to protect people from rain and harsh weather. The term hood or hoodie is derived from the anglo saxon word - Hod which means - A hat.

Saint Jones's hoodies are a perfect blend of both comfort and style. The Lazyfox’s trendy looking graphics have it all for the winters. At such a reasonable pricing you will regret not buying it and with assured guarantee from the store itself. The designers at Saint Jones curates these hoodies from the best of all material and most warming fabrics. These are some premium clothing at a price unimagined. They are sporty and chic at the same time making it a perfect piece to go with all bottom wears.  You can find hoodies of size that fits you well and you can get suggestions about sizes from the store itself. For outdoors or indoors, hoodies can be beneficial for both. A one-stop solution for all your winter needs which is just one click away.

Graphic hoodies are very new and match with ongoing trends and fashion and you can find the best graphics on hoodies from the store with amazing slogans and one liners. You can also get them in a variety of colors (neon green, black, pink, white, maroon, lilac, red and orange) which are very fashionable and chic.

Skeleton with hearts and flowers, one liners which are super impactful and minimal gives you a wide platform to match and pair the suitable bottom wear. Well, talking about suitable bottom wear and the list goes on when it comes to trendy and stylish hoodies. The best bottom wear can Denim jeans for sure but is not limited to that. Made from cotton blends and softly brushed inside fabric the hoodie is perfect for this winter, loose fit with long sleeves, a kangaroo pocket, dropped shoulders, and a lined hood with press studs on the front. Joggers, chinos, Lower, cargo pants, corduroy jeans and any bottom wear almost look good with hoodies. These are all rounders for any bottom war or place.

A very new trendy look can also be created with hoodies that is the hoodie jacket look. If it's too cold outside and you want to keep a style that is elegant and new, try going with a varsity jacket over the hoodie along with a denim jeans.

The warmth and comfort in the hoodies from Saint Jones is extraordinary and makes you feel great when you wear it. You can save up to 33% on any hoodie you buy from the store. There are two different price ranges for the hoodies.

Saint Jones has been a great store since its inception which is creating a difference among the casual mens wear and providing a space to try out new fashion and styles. The store aims to make everyday choices hasslefree. The store offers a wholesome discount of 10% on your first purchase and 15% on a purchase of any two items from the online store.