Have you ever come across somebody just passing by your side wearing a cool loose fitted Checkered Jacket or a Shacket and your brain is like, I too want to look the same. Well, that is how attractive and elegant checks look. Jackets and Shackets are something that complete your overall look and make you look more appealing and attractive. And when it comes to weather like winters and springs then you don’t have to think twice about wearing it.

Check pattern originally came from the game of chess and its history belongs to Scotland. The pattern was usually made on wool fabric for the clans of Scottish Society in the 16th Century. It further developed as a uniform for formal occasions under the reign of King George IV in 1822. Any textiles comprising a grid of colors are typically referred to as checks. Today, Checks can be seen in almost all clothing types whether it’s a shirt, a jacket or a pants. Though Shackets are not limited to checks and may come in a variety of patterns and prints.

The fashion keeps changing from one look and style to other but few things are constant and evergreen forever. Checks fall into that forever category. These really do make your life easy because whatever you plan to wear, just add a Checkered Jacket or a Shacket and boom! You get a subtle stylish looking outfit in one go.

These are super easy when it comes to layering and add a huge deal of style to the outfit. Checkered jackets and Shackets are almost similar clothings items but they are different in terms of a lot of things like material, purpose and style. Simply stated , these are wardrobe staples that you must own to mix and match and experiment your everyday look.

Checkered Jackets and Shackets are a very subtle clothing choice. The oversized look is what creates magic alongside. Basic Accessories too can add up to the checkered look such as Shoes, caps, watches and more.

Saint Jones has the best collection of Check Jackets and shackets for any occasion. The store is full of surprises and can complete your wardrobe with the best of trendy clothing and styles. The amazing collection includes -

Checkered Jackets on any clothing makes it complete and here are some tips for you to style you daily outfit with Shackets and Checkered Jackets - 

  • Plain colored t-shirt and Checkered Jackets/Shacket
  • Monochrome top and bottom and contrasting Checkered Jackets/Shacket
  • Turtle neck, Denim Jeans and Checkered Jackets/Shacket
  • Loose fit Cargo, hoodie and Checkered Jackets/Shacket
  • Tank t-shirt and Checkered Jackets/Shacket with loose fit bottoms
The Saint Jones’s collection of Shackets and checkered Jackets are in itself a whole fashion line. With subtle hues and admirable checkers the collection is ready to hit your wardrobe this season. The collection is made of the finest of material that is breathable and comfortable at the same time, the pricing too is very reasonable and does not burden your pocket when you are getting a premium quality apparel at such price. You can find your favorite in the following list - The jackets in checks come in two varieties, one is the Varsity checkered and other is the Denim Checkered which are super premium looking and give a classy feel along with comfort. Find the best for yourself from the collection and get up to 15% off.
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